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The Nunda Volunteer Ambulance Service was organized 50 years ago on January 1st, 1967 to serve the residents of Nunda.  Since then we have grown to cover Nunda, Dalton, Portage and part of Grove.  At this time, we currently have 2 ambulances, 24 members and average 440 calls per year.
Nunda Volunteer Ambulance Service - 1967
   Pictured from left to right:
Chet Bugman, Lorma Bugman, Bob Van Name, Bud McMaster, Don Thompson, Lyman Barry, Chief McCall,
Gus Marano, Jack Barnes, Jean Bogardus, Fay Ace, Mrs. Lyman Barry, Clair
Creveling, Clarence Bogardus, Dorcus Ace, Art Lawson, Pat Barnes, Hank Thompson, Anne Lawson, Hi Kemp.


      Charter Officers:

   -  President - Lyman Barry
   -  Vice President - Pete DiAngelo
   -  Secretary/Treasurer - Romana Minich
   -  Foreman - Hank Thompson
   -  1st Asst. Foreman - Tom Byrnes
   -  2nd Asst. Foreman - Pete Kanouse
   -  Medical Director - Dr. John w. Stoll


Charter Members:

Dorcus Ace
Jack Barnes
George Beardsley
Jean Bogardus
Lois Buchinger
Chet Bugman
Clair Creveling
Ellsworth Downs
Theresa Goldthwaite
Janet Howe
Hi Kemp
Art Lawson
Wes Marsh
Bud McMaster
Larry Ryan

Robert VanName
Norm Zeh
Fay Ace
Pat Barnes
Clarence Bogardus
Laurell Briggs
Marlie Buchinger
Lorma Bugman
Brewster Depuy
Frank Estep
Louie Haight
Joyce Kanouse
Anne Lawson
Gus Marano
Ivan McCall
Maurice Piper
Don Thompson
Nancy Willard
EMS Patch

Bulletin Board
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2017 Officers


Thomas Burt

Vice President

John Thompson


Erin Mann


Julie Emke


Dana Wood


Leroy Wood
1st Lieutenant
Charlie Wilkins
2nd Lieutenant
Mike Bugman
2017 Monthly Meetings

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December 18

Emergency Medical Information

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Donations or Memorials:

We recently have had requests for our mailing address to receive memorial donations. 

Since we are a volunteer, community supported organization, donations are gladly accepted.
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      Nunda Volunteer Ambulance
      PO Box 652
      Nunda, NY 14517


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